Our God is alive and our God is good. That means He is still transforming lives, healing bodies, and moving in power through his people. Our prayer is that as you read these stories you would be encouraged and your faith would be built up. Know this, if God can do it for these people then he can and wants to do it in your life.

Young people leading young people to Jesus

Aaron Routledge

We took the young people out on the street to do some Evangelism. We ended up chatting to a group of boys aged 14-16 who were carrying 90 eggs. You can imagine what they were going to do with them. We shared the Gospel with them and 4 of them made a first time response the gospel and invited Jesus into their lives. We challenged them on the eggs and so they decided that with Jesus as their king they didn’t want to throw the eggs anymore so we offered to take them off their hands, and they agreed!